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Life is full of maybe one days . . . but can two friends turn a maybe into a forever?

Hayley Donovan has had a crush on Jace Hammond forever, but she believes he’s never felt the same way. Maybe one day, she hopes, he’ll change his mind.

When Hayley leaves her small town and her family’s tragic past behind to attend the same university as Jace, the two have an opportunity to reconnect. Hayley’s dreams are coming true: they can’t ignore the growing feelings between them. But things are never simple when it comes to love.

After an unwanted encounter with a guy at an off-campus party, Hayley turns to Jace for support. The event brings out all of the emotions he’s tried so hard to bury deep inside. No matter the cost, Jace wants to build a future with Hayley. It won’t be easy for them to overcome years of avoiding the truth, but they’re determined to try—together.

But as the threats against Hayley escalate, being together means confronting both the present and the past by putting their hearts, and possibly her life, on the line.

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